The Biggest Misconceptions Patients Have About Liposuction


In a world where cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, there is a lot of talk about liposuction. As a result, most people have trouble determining the myths and facts. When people completely understand the ins and outs of this procedure, they are more likely to consider undergoing body contouring because of the many benefits.

Here are the common misconceptions about liposuction:

Patients Will Lose Weight

Despite common belief, this procedure is not for weight loss. In fact, most surgeons will not even perform the procedure on people who are severely overweight due to the risks. For example, if a surgeon removes a lot of fatty tissue from an obese patient, many problems could occur.

Many surgeons recommend this procedure for people who are already at their desired weight but just need help removing stubborn fat. Much research shows that people who undergo this operation typically only experience two to five pounds of weight loss. The procedure is more for body contouring.

Patients may lose a few pounds after liposuction with lifestyle adjustments, but that isn’t its main purpose. We can help you determine the correct procedure if your primary interest is losing weight.

The Procedure Is Not Safe

Many people are scared to undergo the procedure because they think that it?s dangerous. The truth of the matter is that the procedure is just as safe as any other plastic surgery. Of course, patients should make sure that the procedure is performed by a doctor who has received the proper certification and training for liposuction, and he/she should also be staying up to date on the most recent techniques. If a doctor checks all of these boxes, patients won?t be at risk for complications.

Liposuction Isn’t for Men

Plastic surgery procedures are definitely popular among women, but many people would be amazed to learn that liposuction is a common procedure for men. Most men who are interested in this procedure typically want to get rid of resistant fat in the chest, neck, abdomen and even love handles.

Only Younger People Are Candidates

Did you know that the procedure doesn?t have an age limit? If you think you are too old to undergo the procedure, you will be happy to know your age doesn?t necessarily disqualify you from being a candidate for liposuction. Due to advanced techniques, the procedure can be performed on older people without any complications, as long as they are healthy. Most surgeons would recommend the procedure for anyone who is physically and mentally healthy.

The Results Are Instant

Many people mistakenly believe that the procedure will produce immediate results. The reality is that most patients will not see the final results from the procedure until about 12 weeks after the surgery. The reason for these delayed results is post-surgical swelling during the recovery phase. While you are healing, you may need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to reduce swelling.

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