Breast Augmentation Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

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Breast Augmentation recovery can be a lengthy process. It typically takes six to eight weeks for the initial recovery, whereas your final breast shape will settle entirely near the three-month mark. Patients should approach this surgery prepared for the different stages and armed with tips for a healthy recovery. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

Immediately After Surgery 

After surgery, patients are transferred to a recovery room where they awake from anesthesia. Once awake, the patient may feel groggy and achy. When the implants have been placed under the pectoral muscles, the patient may feel muscle aches or tightness in the area. This pain will subside as the muscles stretch and relax.

Over the next few hours, the patient will be less sleepy and sore. After several hours, the patient is released to go home, but they will require drivers to get them there. The surgeon will wrap the patient’s breasts with an elastic band or bra before leaving the hospital. This supports the breasts during recovery. Instructions for caring for the incision sites will be provided at this time.

The most discomfort will be felt during the next three to five days. Your doctor will have prescribed pain medication to manage your pain during this time. There may be minor bleeding from the incision site during this time, and this is normal. However, if the bleeding seems heavy, it is important to contact your surgeon. 

One Week After Surgery

At the one week mark, patients may be able to manage their pain without medication or simply use over-the-counter analgesics. The pain will be minimal after the first week. After receiving approval from their surgeon, patients can return to light daily activities.

Over the course of the next few weeks, patients will experience some swelling and soreness. It will slowly get better. If the patient’s job is physically demanding, they will need to be out of work for at least three weeks. Patients should avoid heavy lifting and intense physical activities.

Two Months After Surgery

Two months after the surgery, patients will be nearing full recovery. Individual results will vary based on the patient’s overall physical health and innate healing ability. The doctor will advise when the patient can return to normal physical activities.

Six Months After Surgery

This is usually the time where the final result of the breast augmentation will be visible. The implants will have settled into their final position and swelling will have subsided to normal levels. 

Recovery Tips

There are various steps patients can take to support their recovery. 

  • Wear your recovery bra, per the doctor?s instructions
  • Take prescribed medications as instructed
  • Care for the incisions as instructed
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing
  • Before surgery, it is a good idea to finish housework and do some meal prepping so there is nothing to do when arriving home. This ensures you can focus on your rest.
  • Do not undertake intense physical activity until you have approval from your doctor

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