Dr. Ricardo Castrellon

Dr. Ricardo Castrellón is an experienced double board-certified plastic surgeon serving South Florida. 


His extensive training in multiple areas of medicine – including general surgery, critical care, trauma, burn care, and plastic surgery & reconstruction – makes him a surgeon who patients can trust to understand their situation at a profound and holistic level.

Dr. Castrellón has been in private practice in Miami Dade County for the past eight years and actively involved in the development of several trauma centers in Miami Dade region. 


A pillar in the medical community, he continues to play a critical role in reconstructive efforts for trauma patients of mass casualty events. His concern for the well-being of others drive his passion in servicing injured women from domestic abuse and breast cancer patients. 


He’s the founder and medical director at South Miami Burn Center where his experience is essential to the care plans for burn victims in the Baptist Health System.

Board member of Miami Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Castrellón steadily promotes safety and transparency in the plastic surgery industry. 


Constantly developing his expertise, he trained in maxillofacial surgery to expand his knowledge of soft tissue and bone management. He is immersed in the field of medical research of bone care and regenerative tissue technologies. 

Affiliated to various higher learning institutions, he is a voluntary faculty member at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) at FIU and at Nova Southeastern University.

Originally from Panama, Dr. Castrellón enjoys Martial Arts, cars, painting, and art.  He is married with two wonderful daughters who are growing up way too fast. He loves traveling and is currently pursuing an MBA in health service administration. 

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