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Frequently asked questions

What is the breast augmentation procedure like?

In your consultation, the doctor will go over the different techniques for performing a breast augmentation, and together, you’ll determine which technique is best. You’ll discuss things like size, shape, prominence and more. After the plan is solidified and Dr. Castrellon understands your goals, we’ll schedule a time for the procedure.
Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in the breast fold or around the nipple in order to create a pocket for the implant.

How do you pick the best breast implant size?

Dr. Castrellon will consult with you about the factors to consider when choosing implants. Essentially there are two main variables: volume and shape. Volume has to do with the size of breasts you want, and the shape has to do with projection. Dr. Castrellon will take careful measurements before the surgery to make sure that the correct implant size and shape is used.

But what do you pick, and how will you know what will look best?

Dr. Castrellon will guide your decision to give you the best idea of what the outcome will be like. It is important that you are open about your goals, so that they can be achieved.
When it comes to profile of the breasts, there are options ranging from moderate to high profiles. Again, Dr. Castrellon will make sure you are comfortable with your decision before continuing with the breast augmentation process.

What about recovery?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. After the surgery, most patients feel a little sore and tired for a few days. Medication can be used to control any discomfort. Avoid strenuous exercise for the first few weeks after surgery. It is also recommended that you don’t wear a bra for an extended amount of time after the procedure, to best allow the implants to settle into position.
Dr. Castrellon will carefully monitor you after the surgery to check for any complications, which can occur.

I’m worried about scars.

This is a natural concern many women have. While there are significant incisions required for a breast augmentation, for the placement of an implant, the incisions are in a place most likely to be unseen, even if you’re wearing a bathing suit. The scars from the surgery will begin to fade after several months, though they will never go away entirely.

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